Parale’s Miracle Moment

Paralee P was born November 17, 1914 in Perryville, TX. Sadly, Paralee never had any children. She did however become a teacher, and dedicated 38 years to educating children. Paralee enjoyed going on grand shopping trips in Dallas, and recalls fond memories of spending many days there with friends. She especially liked to shop at Neman Marcus and in Macys basement sales. She told many staff members and nurses at Autumn Wind that it had been 30 years since she had been, and that she would love to go shopping in Dallas at least one last time, but she didn’t think that would ever be a possibility with her nearing 102 years of age. To Paralee’s surprise we arranged a limousine to pick her and four staff members up one morning and chauffeur her to the Dallas Galleria Mall (this was her first time in a limo and was a fascinating experience for her). There she window shopped, watched ice skaters in amazement, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Grand Lux Café. She also got to stop by Haagen-Dazs to enjoy some ice cream( which she really loves). The trip was tiresome, but in the end Paralee had a great time and was very appreciative to the Autumn Wind staff that shared this adventure with her.


Ms. Paralee Price dedicated 38 years to educating children. We honored her by arranging a limo to take her out shopping…and of course grab some ice-cream.

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